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Heart to Heart: Christian Homes

Hundreds of children who have found forever or temporary homes, thanks to Christian Homes.

"We provide foster care and we also provide transitional homes," said Sara Tomaras.

But now more than ever, their are hundreds of children who don't have someone to take care of them.

"There is always a great need for foster parents but right now in the state of Texas there's just a lot of children that are coming into care because of abuse and neglect and we have a greater need than ever to provide Christian Homes for these kids," said Tomaras.

What exactly is the role of a foster family?

"So a foster family is standing in a gap providing care for children in a safe environment while their biological parent is working services with the state and trying to get back on the right path and the foster family is providing a natural home environment and safe loving care for a child that's in foster care," said Tomaras.

How can you help Christian Homes even if you cannot foster?

"We have a donations room and we're always in need of diapers, wipes, young children's clothing,"said Tomaras.

Christian homes also needs respit care providers, which is a type of extended babysitting role for foster children.

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