TAYLOR COUNTY, Texas (KRBC) — A revamp of the Foster Parent Association has kicked off this month after taking a brief hiatus.

The program hopes to bring foster and adoptive families together, so they can utilize resources and work with others with the same vision: helping children.

Fostering children has become second nature for Amber Shipman and her family.

“You know, we always wanted more than one kid and we just really felt like there was a need for kids that need a safe place to go, when their biological parents maybe need to work on a few things before they can safely provide them a home,” foster parent Amber Shipman said.

Now, with their second placement, the Shipmans have two foster children, as well as their biological son, Dusty.

“I’ve learned that when you foster to adopt, you don’t just foster that child, you foster their family because you’re hoping for reunification for these kids,” Shipman said.

The family of five is working to collaborate with other foster parents in taylor county through the revamp of “Foster Parent Association”.

“We can be a team and demonstrate that we are a village who help raise these children,” region II program director for CPS, Lindsay Morris said.

Filling in the gap between foster parents and the community.

Local foster agencies like New Horizons, Children’s Hope, Saint Francis, Pathways, Methodist Children’s Home, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and Child Protective Services (CPS) worked together to put the event together.

“We wanted to provide a support network for our local foster families and collaborate with our local CPA’s here, so that they have the support that they need in order to provide the services for the children and families in Taylor County,” Morris said.

With foster parents in great need in region II.

“Anybody that wants to reach out and provide that support for their children that are in care, we want to make sure that they know that they have that support out there, not only from the department but from their local CPA’s,” Morris said.

While the Shipmans continue to reach out with other families. The hopes others get the chance to experience the growth in their families as she has seen through her own son.

“He calls them his friends. Anybody new that comes in, they’re his friends and he loves them. He always wants to help and make sure they’re good. Every night before bed, I’ve got to kiss the babies good night. *laughs* So, it’s been so good for him,” Shipman said.

Shipman also added that through Child Protective Services, if you do not have time to foster or adopt, to look into becoming a certified babysitter because it really helps out foster parents.