TUSCOLA, Texas (KRBC) — When making plans to adopt and foster, let us not forget about adopting teens!

They need parenting just as much as the babies do!

From the awkward middle school stages, to learning how to drive in high school, teens can be fun too!

“You know, just a regular teenager. I love being on my phone,” 15-year-old Bree joked.

The soon-to-be sophomore is just a normal teenager, who would make any any parent have bragging rights!

“I have multiple favorite subjects, but um, math,” Bree said. “I’m a straight A student, if I could just say that. I’m really good in school if I don’t pay attention, I just ask the teacher, like tell them.” 

She said she pushes herself to do well in school and hopes to share her report card with a parent.

“If I get a B, I am very mad. I don’t like getting B’s or C’s. I am really on myself. I try to do myself a college level student,” Bree said.

“Bree is an amazing kid,” CPS adoption worker, Brandy Spivey said. “She doesn’t really have any behavioral issues. She’s just a normal teenager just looking for a family to accept her.”

“A mom and dad because I’ve had issues in the past about families, so mom and dad that’s loving and caring, that will support me in any decision I make, when I’m a teenager or an adult,” Bree said.

She is also open to a few siblings to call her own.

“They can have siblings, but not a lot. I only have one personal sibling. That’s too much already, but it doesn’t matter if they’re one or two, but they can’t be like, 5 or 6 of them. Too much,” Bree exclaimed.

She hopes to bring light into a loving family’s home with her sense of humor.

“I get real competitive. I eat some real estate a lot. If you don’t know what that means, I fall a lot. It’s okay,” Bree said.

Regardless, Bree still easy-going and respectful.

“Goes-with-the-flow type of kid,” Spivey said. “She gets a long with everybody her age, she gets a lng well with kids younger than her. She gets a long with people older than her.”

Spivey believes Bree’s personality and great attitude will take her anywhere.

“She’s very friendly and open and honest and everything that’s she’s been through, as well as where she wants to go and what she wants to do with her life,” Spivey said.

Bree starts the 10th  grade later this month. She wants to attend Texas Tech and study animal science to become a veterinarian. She hopes her career could one day take her to the Dallas-Fort-Worth area.

If you are interested in adopting or meeting Bree, contact Abilene CPS at (325) 691-8100.