TUSCOLA, Texas (KRBC) —  This week, KRBC revisits the importance of not only adopting babies but teens too!

Maryjo is a 15-year-old girl, who wishes nothing more than to have a forever family. She is talented, smart, and beautiful inside and out, leaving a smile on everyone she meets.

When we last introduced you to Maryjo, the then-14-year-old was living in Goldthwaite’s New Horizons facility, awaiting the start of her first year in high school. 

The book-smart teen is now a year older and in New Horizon’s local foster care facility in Abilene, at the Audrey Grace House.

“I didn’t think I was really good at math until I took my end-of-course test and I was struggling before my end-of-course test and actually, I was above average on my math, so I’ve been getting extra help and it’s helping me a lot, Maryjo said.

She explained she wants to be a nurse, a model or a rapper. Her favorite rapper is Cardi B. She said she loves that the rapper gives back to the community she grew up in.

“I want to like, inspire kids and teens and when I get paid, I donate money to charity. I’ve always had a thing for trying to help people out and that’s when a nurse, doctor or surgeon comes in,” Maryjo said. 

She may be all smiles, but there is still a void in the young teen’s heart, as she still waits for a family to love her unconditionally. 

“I just want a family that will care for me,” the 15-year-old said.

Her case worker, Marina Muse, has known Maryjo since she first entered foster care.

“Any family would be great for her, as long as they are patient and they are willing to kind of stand back and let her get used to them first,” Muse said.

She said Maryjo has been in foster care since 2007.

“She had struggled with her anger and she has learned a lot of new different coping skills and she’s actually putting them to use. Me and her therapist are really seeing that come out in therapy and she’s reaching her therapeutic goals,” Muse said.

Though, do not let her shy demeanor fool you! Muse explained everyone adore Maryjo and said she is just amazing!

“At first she can be very shy, but then once you get to know her, that great personality comes out,” Muse said. She’s really sweet and she has an awesome personality. She’s very bubbly and outgoing.”

She explained Maryjo loves sports and gets along with others very well.

“She loves cheer, she loves dance, so she would do great in a family that’s active as well,” Muse said.

Maryjo also loves to travel, whether it be to an island or to a neighboring city to simply go shopping. She said she is also a lover of the outdoors.

If you would like to know the adoption process for Maryjo, you can call Abilene CPS: (325) 691-8100.