ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) — Virginia natives, Sam and Kim Ferguson moved to the Big Country for job opportunities.

Little did they know, they would find more than a salary.

They doubled the size of their family from two to four.

What was once a time of grief and void, pivoted into a path of hope, joy and God’s grace.

“What foster parents and adoptive parents will find is their own lives will be changed through the process and we’re two examples of that,” Sam Ferguson said.

Sam and Kim Ferguson’s lives took a turn after being struck by tragedy.

“Kim and I were previously married and we both lost our spouses and we found each other through church in Danville, Virginia,” Sam Ferguson said.

The two exchanged vows in 2010 and in 2014, took a leap of faith about 1,300 miles away from where they lived their entire lives.

“God works in mysterious ways,” Sam Ferguson said.

They wanted children but, it never worked out.

“You almost feel grateful for that experience at this point because I don’t know that adoption would be on our radar screen, if we had been able to have our own children,” Sam Ferguson said.

Once again, things took another turn, but this time, it was for the better.

“I had this super sweet student that came into my classroom and that just captured my heart,” Kim Ferguson said. “After getting to know him and getting to know more about what was taken place in his life, Sam and I decided to move forward with adoption for he and his brother.”

It was Angelo’s big smile and kind heart that captured Kim’s. They both realized they had what the other was lacking.

“I was actually having dinner with a friend of ours at Outback and my phone rings and Kim says, “the cutest little boy was in my class and he’s in foster care and, ‘Oh my goodness, Sam, I just. I have to tell you about it.’ I go, well what are you trying to tell me, Kim, exactly? You’re telling me that you want to pursue this and she said, ‘I don’t know. I don’t know,” Sam Ferguson said.

Two years later, here they are as one big, happy family. Angelo is now 14 and his younger brother, Kaden is four.

“The first five minutes, Kaden walked into our home, he wrote all over the walls with permanent marker. It was interesting,” Sam Ferguson said.

However, he said he would not trade this for anything else.

“It was an adjustment to make but, my goodness, it has been an incredible journey and I couldn’t imagine my life at this point, without these two guys in it,” Sam Ferguson said.

Capturing the hearts of their new parents and those around them.

“They’re the true heroes of this story. They are dream makers,” Sam Ferguson said.

SAM: “Kaden, what does adopted mean?” KADEN: “Keep you.”

June 20, 2018 will mark two years since the boys entered the Fergusons’ home. August 4, 2018 will mark one year since they officially became a family.