Heart to Heart: Two boys hoping to make a slam dunk into your hearts

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TUSCOLA, Texas (KRBC) — It is much easier to get into foster care than it is to get out of it.. For two young boys, foster care has become a norm for them.

“Ride bikes. Basketball,” 12-year-old Juan said. “Pretty good at shooting. Sometimes I miss.”

While Juan may miss the basketball rim, here and there, he is hoping to slam dunk into a new family.

“That go places, watch TV, play, go parks, maybe like a swimming pool. That kind of thing,” Juan said.

His adoption specialist with the Department of Family Protective Services has worked with Juan since he initially entered the foster care system.

“He really wants to have older siblings but he really wants just somebody that has a stay-at-home mom. He wants that family-active sports atmosphere,” CiCi Gossett said.

Gossett adds that he is quite the character!

“He is so funny. He is one kid that will always keep you laughing, keep you on your toes, that’s for sure. he is very compassionate too. You will watch him and he just grows to love people and wants to take care of people,” Gossett said.

He has his mind set on his future and said he wants to become a firefighter so he can save people. Juan is also good in school, with his favorite subject being math.

“It’s easy because I can solve. I’m good at solving, subtracting and adding,” Juan said.

In the meantime, he is just hoping to pivot seamlessly into a permanent home.

“Juan is a very sweet little boy. He is needing someone who has a whole lot of love for him but he is a very good kid and has a whole lot of potential in the right family,” Gossett said.

The same goes for 11-year-old Braydon. His adoption specialist, Meredith Buckley said he has grown a lot in the past year.

“He’s learning how to be independent and how to act his age and how to act his age. he’s really excited to start junior high. He’s going to be in marching band,” Buckley said. 

Braydon said, not only is he looking forward to being a part of the band but also going to his math and science classes. 

“Braydon’s been in care for quite a few years. he has been in and out of foster homes,” Buckley said. “Definitely in the past year, he has changed so much.” 

Unfortunately, he is still trying to snag his permanent family since we last saw him in November of 2017. Braydon is still hopeful two, loving parents will find him. Braydon is no stranger to KRBC. We first met him in July of 2017, in Goldthwaite.

“Siblings and I would love a pet Chihuahua,” Braydon said.

He also hopes to share his love for Marvel superheroes, especially Deadpool!

“He’s awesome. He can do back-flips, he has machine guns, he has, has machine guns, he has machetes, he has all type of guns,” Braydon said.

If you would like to know the adoption process for Juan or Braydon, you can call Abilene CPS at (325) 691-8100.

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