TUSCOLA, Texas (KRBC) — Brothers Jordan and Ty have been dealt a pretty bad hand, but their hardship has brought them closer together.

“They’re great kids,” adoption specialist Meredith Buckley said. “They have a pretty big fear of trusting adults, so it’s been kind of a long ride for them.”

Eleven-year-old Jordan and 9-year-old Ty are inseparable.

“We play sometimes games. Like, elimination. Basically, if you throw the ball, and drop it, you’re out,” Jordan said.

What they would love the most is to find a family to call their own.

“I like a family that has pets and like a family that doesn’t spank and does consequences and does time in the corner. Something like that,” Jordan said.

Having been in the foster care system for two years, the boys are ready to move forward.

“They want lots of siblings. They want other kids in the home besides just them. They have big hearts, they are fun, they like to play sports,” Buckley said.

“Go a lot of places, go fishing. Sign me up on a basketball, soccer or a football team,” Jordan said.

Even though their future is uncertain, they do know one thing.

“College, I would probably go to Texas Tech,” Jordan said.