ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) — When dealing with pregnancies, a young mother may not know what is best for her child, but agencies like Christian Homes and Family Services are available to help make a decision, with thought of abortion out of the question.

“This is actually when my parents came to pick me up from Christian Homes,” Kimberly Prater said, while she shared a photo album from nearly four decades ago.

Since the start of Christian Homes, in 1962, the agency has placed more than 2,000 [about 2,034] children for adoption.

“My birth mother aborted a child almost exactly a year to the day that I was born,” Prater said. “I was almost aborted, so I view life being adopted as a huge gift.” 

Prater was adopted at just 7 and a half weeks old, in May of 1979. Nearly 40 years ago! She said, the day she was adopted, she became one of those gifts.

“My adopted mom. Mom was delivering flowers to the hospital to the room that I was born in to my birth mother,” Prater said.

The closed adoption was almost blocked.

“They stopped her right before she went into the room, so that was about the only reason that they still got to get me, which is pretty funny,” Prater said. 

Growing up, Prater said she never felt a void in her heart from not knowing her biological parents, due to the enormouse amount of love her parents gave her.

“Did go through a little bit of a bullying phase when I was younger. Kids, ‘Well, at least my parents wanted me’. That kind of thing,” she said. “You know, that’s the wrong thing to say to an adopted kid. You just come back and you’re like, ‘Hey, my parents chose me.'” 

With the help of Christian Homes, 50 percent of the young women who are pregnant choose adoption and the other half decide they are ready to become a parent.

“We are happy with either choice that she makes. We just want to make sure that she has the alternative to an abortion,” President Sherri Statler, with Christian Homes said.

After adopting her own daughter, Caroline, she quickly learned the beauty of adoption and hopes more people have the opportunity to experience it.

“It is a blessing to my husband and I in ways that you can hardly even imagine. We wouldn’t be parents,” Statler said.

It is a blessing Prater hopes both sides never lose hope on.

“My biggest thing: never give up hope. There are so many families that are looking for kids. God will put you in the right spot when it’s the right time,” Prater said. “My birth mother chose to give me life and a much better life than what I could’ve had, if I had stayed with her, which I am very grateful for. There’s no amount of ‘thank you’, to say to her for allowing me to have this life.”

Prater is now a big-time flourist and gets to work with her father Gary, at Gary’s Foral Gallery on 4465 S Treadaway Blvd.

“I have my Texas florist advanced certification, which I’m the only one for about 150 miles from here, which is huge,” she exclaimed.