ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – Dyess Air Force Base could experience issues with its air space if the recreational flying of drones takes place too close to the base.

“The whole Air Force base is restricted for drones,” said Joseph Cull, an officer in charge of training for security forces at Dyess. “The way it influences our airspace is when you have an unmanned aircraft in the same vicinity of a manned aircraft. There is always a risk of collision and that can be detrimental to the manned aircraft.”

The FAA has regulated areas on its website where Abilene residents cannot fly their drones.

“It has a map with all the grid locations for the air space that is deemed temporary flight restricted for drones for Dyess Air Force Base,” said Cull.

“Abilene is in their weird position of having two Class C airspace zones,” said Kevin Palivec, a certified drone pilot. “You have Dyess off to the west and you have Abilene Regional to the east.”

Drone flyers are reminded to keep their drones in the line of sight.

“The law basically says over 400 feet a drone can’t go,” said Palivec. “It’s very easy to lose where you are on it and have it fly away from you.”