Is Jones County road too narrow for school buses?

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A Jones County woman who lives in Hawley, Southern Jones County, is worried the road being too narrow along with the culverts that appear to be about a foot and a half deep. It’s county road 347, a road that she has complained about for more than twenty years. “The road was almost undrivable several years ago, where you could only drive about 5 mph.” After initial complaints, a maintenance project narrowed county road 347 nearly a foot on both sides. Since then, Connie states the roads haven’t been maintained very well. 

School is right around the corner, and buses will soon be back on the roads. Connie is afraid that it will be an issue for school bus drivers that are carrying a load of children. There is currently no shoulder or place to pull off if someone had a tire blowout. 

Another concern Connie has is the inexperienced drivers who are commuting through the county roads, in Hawley. “I’m afraid these young teenage drivers are going to come down through these roads, hit the edge of the gravel and turn over. We’ve seen that happen multiple times already.”

Meanwhile, I spoke with two local trash companies who wished to not have their name’s mentioned. One company say’s “our trucks do take quite a beating out there. Even though we have large trucks the constant severe vibration is not good on the vehicles suspensions and tires.” While, another trash company said they have lost multiple contracts with their customers because they are not able to drive out there when it rains.”  

KTAB has reached out to the County Commissioner Ross Davis in regards to the ongoing situation, and after multiple attempts we are still awaiting a response. 

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