It’s snake season: How to protect your home from snakes

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ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – There is one happy costumer after the Wildlife X Team checks their house for snakes.

“It’s that time of the year that snakes are getting under the house with the cold weather so we come out here to look under the house for snakes,” said Joshua Alexander, Operation Manager, Wildlife X Team.

Last year they saw almost a dozen snakes under the same house, but after prevention efforts, this year they came up with a clear inspection.

“Anything that is laying around: wood, bricks, rocks, especially under houses, pier beam houses they can get under,” said Alexander.

From adding what they call a “rat wall” around the perimeter of the house, to placing hardware cloth or tin to prevent wildlife from getting in, they employ several methods.

“They just try and if they get to three, four inches, five inches, they can’t get through they literally just give up and move on to the neighbor’s house,” said Alexander.

If you’re looking to keep snakes off your property, we have some tips for you.

“Keep the grass mowed, keep the grass real low. We obviously apply snake repellant around the houses. It’s usually good for 30 days,” said Alexander.

He says if you do come in contact with a snake to stay still and back up slowly. They are not aggressive and only will bite if it’s provoked.

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