Knox City High School students “spread kindness like wildfire”

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KNOX CITY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The students of Knox City High School have dedicated a week to spreading positivity and kindness throughout its campus, in an effort to “spread kindness like wildfire.”

“This anonymous positive post-it challenge started as a way to kick off the new school year on a kind, uplifting note.” Coach Erin Freeman said. “With my intentions of only doing this as well as continuing forward with “themes of the week” with my art students, as my business students came in my classroom periods following, they too heard what we started in art and wanted to be a part of this, too. From there, the kindness spread on.”

In an effort to combat the culture of bullying sometimes found in schools across the country, students have created their own culture of kindness in the form of anonymous complimentary notes left on lockers in the hallway.

“Coach Freeman’s class started it with their theme of “Kindness” for this week.” Knox City High School Principal Glen Hill told BigCountryHomepage. “Since then it has taken off with other students seeing the notes and writing their own.”

The notes are short, but positive in nature. Written with messages such as “You have the best smile.” and “You will succeed!” 

“Whenever I get here new sticky notes will be here and I’ll sit there and read them and I’ll just reread them because I don’t know they make my day better because like throughout the day if something is wrong I’ll just like someone took the time to think about me so how about I just think about that being negative,” said Izzabelle Burkham, a Freshman at Knox City High School.

Hill said that the school has a theme of growth, and that the students have run with that idea in spreading positivity throughout the school. The phrase “spread kindness like wildfire” was adopted from Rachel’s Challenge, an organization established to reduce violence in schools.

While school officials have implemented strategies to maintain a safe environment on campus, Hill believes that these notes are the students’ way of reaching that same goal. 

“We have spent a lot of time already practicing drills, I’ve had law enforcement on campus helping construct safe drills and rerouting our safety plans.” Hill said. “The students must have felt an even better way of ensuring safety is to create a positive environment.”

The staff hopes the environment, kindness and positivity at the school will help them in the future.

“If we can get that and instill that in them now it could lead to bigger and better as they graduate,” said Hill.

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