ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – Thomas Goble was a man who shared his love of family, friends and most importantly creativity. 

“He was a quiet person but had great things in his mind,” said Goble’s wife Lynda. 

Goble was known for making something spectacular out of something simple, carving crosses out of wood for his family and friends. 

“He would go find pieces of wood and see images in it,” said Goble’s daughter Aimee Coley. “We have beautiful carvings of mesquite roots that he would find and see different things in the wood and create it.”

It was Goble’s passion for the last 15 years of his life and something he carried out until the end, eventually getting too sick to move forward receiving hospice care in his home.

“He was not a hospital man, so it was like, it was like peace that we could be at home, it was like a light that carried us through the dark times,” said Lynda Goble. 

The family says they give thanks to the doctors and nurses at Hendrick Hospice for providing not only physical support for Thomas but emotional support for the entire family. 

“The nurse, she would always check on our mental heath to make sure that we were handling things well with the family,” said Goble’s daughter Valynda Miller.

The family added Hendrick Hospice has sent several notes to them after Thomas’ death to remind them that they are never alone.

“”This is the sweet little note or the sweet invite that brings to me that they are still there, they still remember and they really care,” said Lynda Goble. 

Thomas Goble passed away after being diagnosed with cancer. Thomas and Lynda were high school sweethearts and were married 57 years.