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Cindy and Chuck Rodgers were married for more than 35 years.  During their marriage, they had two children, Taylor and Molly.

“This is one of those things where, whatever you give goes way farther than you could ever imagine,” said Chuck Rodgers.

Life was not easy for the family, as Cindy had battled breast cancer since 2010.

“When it comes back a 5th time it’s pretty angry,” said Chuck Rodgers.

While Cindy wouldn’t quit fighting, the cancer continued to bust its way back into her life.

“I’ve just never done anything quite like it, I didn’t worry about anything, all the meds were taken care of,” said Chuck Rodgers. “It’s just a mission.”

In April of 2017, while Taylor was in Arkansas working for Young Life and Molly was working on her degree at Abilene Christian University, their mother’s cancer spread throughout her bones, lymph nodes, lungs, and brain.  On April 4th, she was admitted into Hendrick Hospice Care.

“At least some of those things we didn’t have to think about,” said Taylor Rodgers.

“I was just so impressed not just the quality of care which was amazing but the people,” said Chuck Rodgers.

Hospice played a significant role in assisting with Cindy’s medical needs, allowing the family to take time spending her last days with her.

“With everything going on, I guess that was close to reassuring that I could get her feeling good about something,” said Taylor Rodgers.

“Hospice meets the needs of a family and not just the patient,” said Chuck Rodgers.

Cindy passed away at the age of 55 nine days later.

“And we were here in this place when that happened and it was just right,” said Chuck Rodgers. “We were fortunate that we were here.”

After his hospice experience, and after having already volunteered for hospice in the past, Chuck intends to return volunteering for hospice when eligible to do so.

“When you see how these people care for someone you love it changes your life,” said Chuck Rodgers.

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