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 KRBC has been covering stories about the lives of those positively affected by Hendrick Hospice Care. For the final week of our “Light Up a Life” series for 2017, we shed light on the life of Juanita Naron, who was taken under hospice care after being diagnosed with lung cancer

“Doctor’s did an X-ray and found a mass in her lungs,” said Janera Naron, daughter of Juanita Naron.
Juanita was diagnosed with lung cancer in November of 2016.
“We began to talk with her and she had to make some decisions about her care,” said Janera Naron.

Juanita wasn’t out without a fight.

“She chose to try a round of chemotherapy in hopes that it would keep her airways open in the remaining time that she had, which we knew was short,” said Janera Naron.

Ultimately, it was Juanita that elected to go under Hendrick Hospice Care.

“We were so well assisted by the physicians and nurses and social workers in the Palliative Care Program at Hendrick in order that she might know all of her options,” said Janera Naron.

She was made right at home.

“Never at any moment did we ever feel like she was being treated as a patient,” said Janera Naron. “She was treated as a person and a friend.”

She was happy throughout her hospice experience.

“The level of caring about her as a human being in her last hours was phenomenal,” said Janera Naron.

Before she passed, hospice allowed singers to visit Juanita. They sang the two songs Juanita wanted to have played at her funeral: “I’ll Fly Away” and “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder.”

“My mother was a genealogist and a planner, so death to her is as much a part of life as birth,” said Janera Naron.

“When it’s your mom and she requests something that’s going to make her feel better or she thinks will make her feel better, and people go out of their way to make that happen, that’s really a blessing.”

Juanita’s stay wasn’t very long, and she passed away at the age of 68.

“We are planning to purchase a brick with my mom’s name on it,” said Janera Naron.

Janera says she is thankful for what hospice gave her and her family in their time of need.

“We love this place. We love Hendrick Hospice Care Center,” said Janera Naron.

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