ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – She was a mother and the love of Jack Powers’ life.

Tina and Jack were married 37 years before she passed away, her memory still alive in Jack’s heart.

“The first time I took her out on a date I asked her within two blocks of her house if she liked to water ski and she said to this day she knows if she said no, that I’d turn around and take her back,” said Powers.

The two and their two sons traveled to the lake often. Powers says it was like their home away from home.

“Water skiing wakeboarding and tied up in a cove somewhere with a bunch of friends,” said Powers.

Tina was in her late 50s when she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that eventually put her into hospice care.

Jack Powers recalls those final days and the tough decision to place her in care, but he says the staff at Hendrick Hospice made the process easier, a group of strangers that soon turned into family.

“It was just like home as it turns out, our family just became larger with all the staff and nurses and things, they were so special to Tina, so special,” said Powers. “I still feel like their my family, and I probably always will.”