ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – Each week on KRBC, we are highlighting the lives of those positively impacted by Hendrick Hospice Care as part of the Light up a Life Campaign.

For this segment, KRBC sat down with Lupe Gutierrez as she described her mother Isabel’s life and experience in hospice before passing. 

Gutierrez says she remembers her mother her mother as the life of the party and someone everyone loved to be around because her life was an open book.

“”Even the boys could go to her and ask her about anything about life and she would just be very open and honest with them,” said Gutierrez. “She never tried to beat around the bush or get out of having to answer a hard question, she faced it head on, just how she did life.”

Gutierrez says most describe her mother as a light, shinning throughout her final days.

“She went from on that Thursday being alert, being able to carry on a conversation, to Friday morning, not being able to respond to anything,” said Gutierrez.

Isabel became sick and with her heath declining, the family decided to move her to Hendrick Hospice Care. Gutierrez says it was a hard decision but one that was made easier after she met the staff that would be taking care of her mother.

“”I tell everybody, I cannot imagine that there is anybody that works at hospice that is there for a paycheck only,” said Gutierrez. “When she passed away one of the nurses that was on duty that night was right there and she hugged me and hugged me and when she pulled back she had tears in her eyes, you can’t fake that.”

Gutierrez says she and her family created a bond with the entire staff and one that’s continued long after her mother passed.

Gutierrez speaks about a bear the center gave her made out of her mother’s clothing, something she and her family can keep with her forever.

“I think that’s a comfort to them as well to know that this kind of represents her.”