Maleah Davis’ mom: ‘I just want the truth’

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HOUSTON (CNN) – “I just want the truth of what happened.”

It’s the question Brittany Bowens has, that some accuse her of knowing the answer to.

When asked if it hurts to know people are assuming she knows what happened, she replied, “Of course it does. How could you say something? Why would you even say that? I mean it’s awful to be accused of something that you didn’t even do.”

Her 4-year-old daughter turned up dead in a trash bag on the side of a road in Arkansas.

Brittany was in Massachusetts burying her father when her daughter disappeared.

“I wish I would’ve never went to that funeral,” she says.

Today Brittany reflects on who her precious innocent daughter was to her.

“She was resilient, you know. She went through those surgeries, and she would bounce back every time. She had strength that sometimes I felt like I didn’t have,” she says.

She lost not only that strength, but support as she faces tough criticism and accusations.

“I don’t have time to worry about who’s supporting me and who isn’t because that’s not my focus. My focus is justice for my daughter,” she says.

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