ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Days after messages reading “The KKK Wants You” were distributed around Abilene, KTAB and KRBC spoke to the man behind the flyers. 

Chris Barker, self-proclaimed ‘Imperial Wizard of the Loyal White Knights, KKK’, claims the flyers, which were dropped off in driveways in several neighborhoods around town, are a legitimate recruitment technique used across the United States. 

Barker, who says he is based out of North Carolina, told KTAB and KRBC that as of 5:00 p.m. Monday, he had received 3 calls from potential recruits in the Abilene area. 

He declined to comment on the number of KKK members in this region but did say the organization is active in Abilene and will continue to recruit new members. 

Barker says this recent recruitment session, or ‘Knight Ride’, took place because Abilene’s current members were gathering for Thanksgiving.

During the ‘Knight Rides’, Barker says current members drive around and throw bags containing the flyers and other material to weigh them down.

Abilene resident Andrew Reyes found a flyer in the driveway of his home near Dyess Air Force Base Saturday night in a plastic bag weighted down with bullet casings and staples.

Reyes told KTAB and KRBC he was “shocked and saddened” when he made the discovery, especially because of the bullet casings, and later called the police.

Officers responded to his home and booked the baggie containing the flyer into evidence with hopes of getting fingerprints. 

The Abilene Police Department released the following statement regarding the KKK recruitment flyers:

The Department collected several items of evidence. It is a violation of a City ordinance to disseminate such handbills. The content does not matter, but instead the unwanted delivery of handbills violates the law. If suspects are developed, the Department will file applicable charges.

To hear more from Baker, Reyes, and others involved or affected by the KKK flyers, watch KTAB News at 6PM for a special report.