“I was primarily concerned with the noise,” said Tye resident Richard Anderson.

One of many issues and concerns Tye and Abilene residents gathered to discuss at a meeting to prepare a joint land use study.

“Within those zones: the noise and the height zones, environmental issues,traffic, different impacts the base can have on the community and the community can have on the base,” said Abilene’s director of transportation Don Green.

So how does the meeting help these issues?

“the folks who live around Dyess in the city Tye, the city of Abilene, out in Taylor county, they all have their opinions on these issues and how they impact them in their daily lives and where they live and where they work so this is a chance to gather that information and determine that not just based on the data that’s collected, but get peoples opinions on what, if anything, should or could be done to relieve those impacts  that either side has,” said Green.

So concerns such as Richard Anderson’s can be handled.

“The B-1 bombers have quite the effect on my house. Structural damage is what I’m concerned with,” said Anderson.