MERKEL, TX (KTAB/KRBC) – Merkel residents are still mopping up the mess left by Wednesday’s flood where some families had more washed away than they’d ever expected.

It was early on during Merkel Police Chief Phillip Conklin’s shift on Wednesday when heavy rain started to fall.

“We saw the city start taking on a lot of water,” said Conklin.

It was just after 8 a.m. when Conklin said the citizen-assist and water rescue calls began.

“We got a call about a woman stranded in a Jeep on the access road off I-20,” said Conklin.

And it wouldn’t be long before rising flood waters creeped from city streets into family homes.

“It went in the back door through the house then out the front door,” said Ashley Mckissack whose home was affected by the flood.

The flood waters touching nearly every room in Mckissack’s home and leaving damage the family must now replace just one week after putting their home up for sale.

“We’ve exhausted savings, we’ve cancelled family vacations just so we can get all the flood damage taken care of,” said Mckissack.

But once the family fixes up and sells their current home, then moves elsewhere – Mckissack says she will take with her the lasting memory of her helpful neighbors.

“These ladies in a Jeep pulled up, got out and started squeegeeing our house. I’m so thankful for the people that came into our house and started helping me. We didn’t even ask,” said Mckissack.

Mckissack has started a page to offset home repair costs. Donations can be made at this link.