Mom issues warning about ‘fire challenge’ after daughter severely burned

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DETROIT, MI (WCMH) –– A mother in Michigan is speaking out about dangerous online challenges that are popular with many young people.

Her 12-year-old daughter set herself ablaze Friday night in what’s known as the “fire challenge.”

The girl’s burns are very severe, and her recovery will be painful and long.

“I could have lost my baby, by the grace of god, she’s alive. If I wasn’t home, I would have walked in to my baby dead,” says Brandi Owens.

Timiyah Landers, 12, is wearing a body-suit of bandages with second and third degree burns over 49 percent of her body.

“Just laying there in pain, the tears in her eyes, it kills me – watching her suffer, due to what her and her friends done” Timiyah’s mother told WXYZ.

What they did was the fire challenge.

How is it done – by pouring a flammable liquid on yourself and setting it on fire.

It is usually caught on camera and posted online.

Timiyah’s mother says kids find this stuff and other dangerously outrageous challenges, on social media and YouTube.

Last Friday, Brandi heard a commotion outside of her bedroom. Like a popping sound.

“Next thing I know she come running through the hallway past my bedroom, going into the bathroom on fire,” said Brandi.

Brandi and her fiancé extinguished the blaze that engulfed her baby girl, and rushed her to the hospital.

Timiyah and her family – they’re trying to stay positive, strong.

But it’s hard, because they know Timiyah’s road ahead, will be a long one.

And finally, they unleash their fury at those behind the sites that show these unbelievably disturbing images.

“Extremely angry, of these challenges, the fire challenge is what caused this,” Timothy Landers, Timiyah’s father told WXYZ

Timiyah will likely remain hospitalized for several more months and need multiple additional surgeries.

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