ANSON, Texas (KTAB) – There’s about to be a lot more dancin’ in Anson thanks to the Board of Directors for the Texas Cowboys’ Christmas Ball. 

The historic tradition is normally held once a year but there soon will be more family-friendly dances held at Pioneer Hall.

“We are trying to provide a venue where families can come and have a night out and actually have family time,” Clay Deatherage said.

The Christmas Ball has been a long standing tradition for the city of Anson, even dating back to a time when dancing wasn’t allowed.

Deatherage says it’s what Anson is known for.

“When I was in high school, we had a few dances in this building(Pioneer Hall),” he added. “One local restaurateur certainly didn’t mind bucking the trend and we had dances in his restaurant.”

The Christmas Ball was the exception once a year.

It is still held today but the board is expanding those dancing nights to monthly nights.

The first dance is coming up April 14th starting at 7pm. The dress code won’t be as strict but the atmosphere will still offer the same fun.