New Brewery opening in Abilene


“It’s this 1920’s word that means that means something that’s exceptional or great, something that stands out,” said co-owner James Bridwell.

A description that defines the word Sockdolager and owners hope will define the brewery.

“We want an environment people can just come and relax in and build community,” said co-owner Will Meiron.

Sockdolager is being started by a group of local young adults who hope the brewery can do more than just serve beer.

“I think venues like this are a place to make community happen and for people to make a connection with friends they would not have normally me. Abilene doesn’t really have a lot of places  at times that young adults can go to  and  find people their same age and it’s an opportunity for them to stay here and gives them an excuse to stay in Abilene,” said Meiron.

And the venue isn’t just geared towards young adults, despite its product being alcohol.

“We have the chalk wall up for kids to draw on and We’re hoping to have TV’s for movies, things like that to where someone can actually come out, have a beer, kids can play around, keep the family together,” said co-owner Alex Nicolato.

Sockdolager isn’t the first brewery in Abilene, their opening will follow Cypress Street Station and Pappy Slokum. But Sockdolager doesn’t see their opening as a competition with other breweries.

“Rising tides float all ships. The more businesses that are doing well, the more things that we bring to Abilene that get people out spending money, the more places they’re going to go spend money,” said Bridwell.

“As far as pappy’s, they’ve been 100% our biggest champions. They’ve helped us every step of the way, from carrying our brew gear before we even had a building to every time we had a question,” said Nicolato.

Sockdolager opens March 11th and hopes it adds to local businesses that are keeping Abilene from being boring.

“There’s so much cool stuff to do in Austin, there’s so much cool stuff to do in Dallas, but if you don’t support the people who are trying to do stuff here, then it’s just going to stay stagnant. You’ve got to support people who are trying to make Abilene a great place, who are trying to make Abilene a great place to stay for a long time, and not just come here for college and leave,” said Bridwell.


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