One Community, One Voice members encourage positive actions in their community.

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ABILENE, Texas (KRBC)- Community leaders around Stevenson Park stepping up to make their community a better place.

All thanks to two community members who have helped put together a group to promote a healthy environment for their kids in the neighborhood.

Growing up in the Stevenson neighborhood, community members have seen it change.

“We’re losing so many of our young people to the bad things in the world today.” Said Sheronda Bell, a local who has lived in Abilene for almost her entire life.

After noticing a difference, a few members decided to take matter in own their hands.

“We have to keep stuff available for the children to do so they won’t drop out of school, result to crime, and all the stuff that’s going on now.” Explained Khalila Taylor.

The group called, One Community, One Voice was created earlier this year and are finally taking actions and making events to keep their kids busy.

 “Our cause is to fight and get this community back together, keep it safe, give a healthy environment for our children and give them something to do, help them get out of trouble.” Added Taylor.

Like the cook out at Stevenson Park, which was all aimed to keep not only her son Paco, but the rest of the kids busy.

“We just decided to do a liberation celebration you know just get together, feed the community for free.” Explained Taylor.

Taylor also told KRBC that growing up, she remembers her family holding events in the park, swimming in the Stevenson pool and having a blast, but she says times have changed and she wishes the pool was still there.

“Yeah, I mean, I do think they made a mistake taking our pool away, because now we have to tell our kids about it and can’t even show them it, and it has gotten harder to put on events like this because of all the rules.” Added Taylor.

Although they say they miss their historic swimming pool where they made memories as kids, they are thankful for the splash pad.

“We’re glad for our splash pad in our community, we miss our swimming pool, but we’re glad for the splash pad, we’re hoping for greater things to come about.” Said Bell.

Regardless of the pool, the rules, and other things they have struggled with, the most important part for them is to spread awareness and continue keeping their children on the right track.

“We’ve had a lot of donations and we have had a lot of support and it’s just something that we’re working with and we plan to continue doing things like this to give our youth something to do and keep them out of trouble.” Added Taylor.

“And stop the hurtful things that are going on today and that’s just my community and that’s just my one voice.” Bell explained.

The new group is thankful for all of the donations they received from Love and Care Ministries, Frito Lay, Wylie Baptist Church, St. John Baptist Church and the support of the community.

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