One of the victims of the several attempted sexual assaults that happened this week shares her story

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ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – One of the several victims of the alleged sexual assaults told us what happened to her on Wednesday evening. The woman asked to not be identified. 

“I’m walking to my car we pass right here, and I nod ‘hello’ and didn’t think anything about it,” she said. “Then I go to my car…and so I had my keys about to unlock my door. And he’s on me…And I start screaming and screaming and screaming as loud as I can.”

Michelle Evans, a witness, assisted the woman after she was attacked 

“We heard some screaming but we thought it was our television,” said Evans. “When I looked outside, I didn’t see anything. There’s also a fence that blocks the view a little bit. A few minutes later one of our adopted sons runs in the house and tells us that there’s a lady that’s been attacked out in the street”

The attack left traces on the victim.

“My back is all scratched up from the asphalt. I’ve got scratches on my knees and my elbows.”

Evans was unable to process how her community could turn so violent. 

“It’s beyond me how somebody could just attack somebody in broad daylight like that,” Evans said. “It happens everywhere everyday….I mean it’s crazy. I don’t know what Abilene has come to nowadays. It’s just crazy.”

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