CISCO, Texas (KRBC) – A Cisco preemie is celebrating her first birthday.

It was May of 2018 when we first introduced you to Paisley Moore, who was born 10 weeks early at Abilene Regional Medical Center.

Her esophagus and trachea didn’t connect to her stomach at birth, leaving a pouch and causing various complications.

Paisley was dubbed the “Princess Warrior” of Cisco, and gained a large following on social media, inspiring many with her fight.

We were with her when she was able to leave her room at Cook Children’s Medical Center for the first time, and we’ve continued to follow her journey throughout the past year.

Now, it’s hard to believe this baby who was 2 lbs 7.5 oz when she was born is 14 pounds and growing.

This time last year, she was wearing American Girl Doll clothes and micro-preemie diapers.

“So far, she’s doing great and hasn’t let anything stop her,” Ashley Moore, Paisley’s mom, says.

Paisley has faced a lot of challenges over the past year, including a major back surgery, but even that could stop her.

“She started crawling three or four days after her back surgery,” Ashley says. “She started pulling up and standing on her own.”

Ashley has become a stay-at-home mom and has started bonding with Paisley by making bows her daughter models.

Paisley’s personality has blossomed over the past year. Ashley says she loves music, especially Johnny Cash.

She says she’s a “Daddy’s girl” and “has a little attitude” and “sass.”

With one year down, many more changes and challenges are on the horizon.

“I’m just so excited to see how she changes,” Ashley says. “It seems like she changes everyday.”

Ashley, husband Justin, and Paisley Moore have been named this years March of Dimes Ambassador Family for the Abilene area.

They’ve already surpassed their $500 goal for the March of Dimes, but donations are still welcome..

You can donate here: