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Parents express concern about speeding drivers near Ward Elementary

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - Parents at Ward Elementary school are expressing their concerns following several speeding drivers near the crosswalk on Rebecca Lane and Bruce Drive. 

Ward Elementary School Parent Mary McDowell says she's seen cars driving 40 mph in the school zone area for the past year and has contacted Abilene Police Department many times asking they do something about it. 

"I'm mad. I've written down the license plate numbers of some of these people and I've called them in and I'm like look y'all have got to do something, you guys have got to slow this down," said McDowell. 

McDowell wasn't the only one with concerns about students' safety. Becky Boen who has a grandchild that goes to Ward Elementary says she felt unsafe and has plans to tell her daughter about walking to school. 

"She has three younger children and would need to bring a stroller to bring them down here to pick up her son at school and this is our first time to walk and I'm going to tell her she shouldn't do it because it's too dangerous," said Boen. 

According to parents, cars are often seen going 20 miles over the speed limit in the area. 

The Abilene Police Department says it was unaware of the complaints but were in the area Thursday morning ticketing speeders as part of a routine patrol. 

"I was like finally, somebody is here. There was a car that passed right by him speeding and he pulled out and he pulled him over. If you're going to speed and put someone's life at risk, then you deserve that ticket," said McDowell. 

Even though police were out in full force Thursday, McDowell says she'd like to see more in the coming weeks to ensure all students using the crosswalk are safe. 

"I think it's important that we protect our children. I'm really kind of thinking that someday somebody's not going to slow down and it's going to be too late," said McDowell. 

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