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Abilene, Texas (KRBC) – As winter rolls in, preparation is key, even in the kitchen. 

“Open up cabinets, you can let the air circulate through the cabinets, hopefully, that will help that from freezing,” said  owner of Black Plumbing.

Your bathrooms also need preparation.

“If you are going to be home and there while the freeze is occurring to do is trickle water out of your fossette that will prevent lines from freezing,” said Black.

Protecting pipes also matter outside your home, most hardware stores carry covers to help keep pipes from freezing over and busting.. 

“You can separate, peel it off, stick it on there and rap your pipes to get that barrier on there. once again it does not prevent the pipes from actually freezing it just a barrier but it definitely aids in helping out,” said Black.

The second “P” in your holiday weather preparation, plants, some plants need to be brought in or sheltered from the cold.

“Covering them with a blanket, a sheet. that will help hold that heat inside of them.” them,” said  Martin Jensen, the store manager of Mankins and Sons Garden Inc.

Lastly, do not forget about your pets, they’ll want to come inside too or at least make sure a friend is keeping an eye on them while you’re gone.

“You can have five gallons of water but if it is frozen it is to no value to them, so you nearly have to make sure someone is coming by to either breaking the water or dumping it out and putting fresh water available to them,” said Lynn Lawhon, veterinarian at Brookhollow. 

Also as you’re planning your trip, your car will need to be ready to handle the drive as well. So make sure to check your anti-freeze before leaving and if your car is parked, raise your wiper blades up and always keep an emergency kit ready just in case.

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