Ranger College is planning to renovate its campus, but not in the places they expected to address initially.

“I understand our ten-million dollars started out being advertised as it was going to be used for dormitories
and then at some point we couldn’t use those for dorms. My question is: what will the bond funds be used for?” asked Doyle Russell, a member of the public.

The bond approved by voters in November of 2016 is now going toward other areas on campus.

“The facilities we intend to renovate and replace are between sixty and seventy years old,” said Ranger College President, Doctor Bill Campion. “We still need dorms. We’re working diligently to raise that money, but you can not use the general obligation bond by rule of the General Attorney’s Office.”

According to Campion, the new funds will still go towards building that will benefit the students.

“We’re gonna use the money for a new cafetorium that will be a seven-hundred fifty seat auditorium and a cafeteria,” said Campion. “In addition to that, we’re gonna have a welcome center which will be a one-stop center.” 

While the bond money will not be going directly into dorms here at Ranger College, it is still a high priority for this school to bring in new dorms.

“We still realize that we certainly need dorms and we’re working hard to that end,” said Campion.