Rattlesnake Found Outside Oldham Lane Church of Christ

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ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) – It’s not March, so it’s not time for the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Round Up but that doesn’t mean rattlesnakes aren’t around.  They can be found almost anywhere and in West Texas while it may not be unusual to see rattlers, it’s not so common to see them outside church doors.

When two Oldham Lane Church of Christ ministers Chris McCurley and Blake Dozier went to get a hard hat and vests to check out the construction site outside the church, they found a rattle snake ready to strike.

“And both of our coffee’s went flying and we jumped back and there was this huge snake curled up on the ground outside,” Dozier said.

But this isn’t their first experience with rattlesnakes.

“I did a little rattlesnake hunting when I first moved to West Texas,” McCurley said.

“I’ve probably killed one every year for the majority of my life but I mean that doesn’t mean that I like them,” Dozier said.

This situation was different. McCurley said rattlesnakes usually stayed coiled but this one didn’t.

“The weird thing about this snake is it never like coiled up.  It stayed kind of out with its head up and just rattle.  It was creepy looking,” Dozier said.

After McCurley’s initial shock he said his next reaction was to take a picture and video.  Then they got shovels to kill the snake, one being a golden shovel they were given for their groundbreaking.

“It was a joint effort.  He did the blunt force thing and I did the chopping thing and then our involvement minister got in and helped out a little bit so you know we all kind of participated in the slaughter,” Dozier said.

This isn’t the first time they’ve had a rattlesnake either.

“This is a common occurrence.  Over the years we’ve had some that we find either in the air conditioning units when we we’re servicing them or maybe you know when a guy comes to spray for bugs he might find one curled up in somewhere.  They’re usually smaller maybe even babies,” McCurley said.

But they’ve never been that close to getting bit.  As all good snake hunters do, they kept the rattle and posted the video to YouTube to warn others to watch out.

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