CALLAHAN COUNTY, Texas (KTAB) – Melba Miller sits behind a desk at the Callahan County Sheriff’s Office. From the looks of it, she’s got everything running smoothly, but it’s not because she’s been at the job her whole life.

In fact, this isn’t her second or even third job after graduating college.

“I’ve never had a job I didn’t like,” said Miller.

Miller went to school at McMurry University with the intention of becoming a basketball coach.

Her path changed though after talking with one of her professors.

“She said, ‘No, that’s not right for you,'” said Miller.

So Melba went from the court to the classroom, starting as a secretary at Cooper High School.

After a year, she got a job as a teacher, helping students realize their full potential.

“You can watch their faces and see when they go, ‘I got this,'” said Miller. “You can also watch their faces when they say, ‘You’re speaking a different language to what I speak.'”

After nearly 14 years in front of the class, Miller took an assistant principal position at the school.

Then after another 13 years, she led a program to help struggling students keep up with the pace.

“You could boost them up by saying, ‘We can do this together,’ and you’d be surprised what they would accomplish,” said Miller.

Miller spent 39 years in one school district, at one school.

“When I went to Austin to get my retirement set up he said, ‘Well lets look at your schools first.’ I said, ‘We’ll just look at one school.’ He said, ‘Nobody stays in one school district the whole time.’ I said, ‘Well I did,'” said Miller.

Miller started at the Sheriff’s Office eight years ago.

Her next journey is still unknown, but either way, she’ll be ready for it.

Melba is one of four finalists for our Remarkable Women contest.