Three words: West Nile Virus. It is something Texans are very familiar with.

As summer nears, reminders are flying in to never forget your bug spray!

Texas is proven to be one of the worst places to be bitten by mosquitoes.

According to Pest Control, the Lone Star State has the most cases of West Nile Viruses in the nation, with about 30 deaths a year and more than 1000 infected cases.

Here in the Big Country, many are doing a number to drop that number.

Summer crews will be adding a stronger repellent which also has a longer life span and will just add to the precautions residents need to take to protect themselves against mosquitoes.

They live and breed in pools of water, near your home and city parks. The city of Abilene has planned to use a new mosquito dunk, which lasts about two months and is just the size of a pill. Each pill can be dropped in pools of water or a ditch near your home.

Kathy Thomas is a grandmother who stays on top of keeping her grandchildren safe from mosquitoes
“We definitely do a bunch of the bug sprays outside and we definitely dump any buckets of water that might have accumulated from the rain,” Thomas said.

She said she and her grandchildren are always outside, whether it be fishing, playing ball or at the park.

She said they are always protected no matter what time of day it is.

“Lot’s of “Off’s”. Definitely lots of “Off’s”. Definitely lots of sunscreen,” Thomas said. “Even sun visors or maybe even a cap would definitely help and keep the sun of their face.”

There is not a threat for mosquitoes right now but the City of Abilene says it will be spraying for mosquitoes only if west nile virus is detected within city limits.

People who suffer from chemical sensitivities should talk to their doctors. Two more things you can do to keep the pests away: close your windows and keep children’s toys indoors.

The city does offer mosquito dunks to residents. You can pick them up at the Health Department and they are free of charge.