Out in Rising Star there’s a group of good intentioned folks who are about to step into the Hurricane Harvey relief effort arena with delicious smoked food in tow.

“You know, we have a pretty good hog problem down here, and they have a hurricane problem down in the south. So we figured the best thing to do here would be to take our problem and use it as a solution to the hurricane problem down in the south,” commented Scott Hayley, one Rising Star resident who is organizing the donation event.

Rising Star residents, this Saturday, are hosting a hog hunt, then Sunday they’ll smoke those hogs, and on Monday and Tuesday they’ll take those hogs down to Rockport and Port Aransas.

“Everybody’s wanting to help, this is just an easy way for us to help in the way we know how,” Robby Harding, another event organizer, went on.

What started as a fairly small ordeal has gained wide community support, and now the hog smoking event is about to turn into a hog smoking extravaganza where organizers wouldn’t be surprised to see around 100 hogs brought in to be processed.

“We’ve already got people calling telling us they have hogs trapped already. They’re bringing them, we know they’re coming,” Robby continued.

“We’re just more than happy that this is turning into what it is and we can’t wait to go down and help our brothers and sisters out on the coastal bend,” stated Scott.

This group is also taking monetary donations and material donations down to the coast, but primarily, they hope to donate full bellies.

“Ain’t no better feeling than getting your belly full, and as much as they’ve gone through and as much as they are looking to have to deal with, a full belly can make all of that better for at least an hour. If we can do that, this is a full success,” finished Scott.