Rural fire departments are working together in the Big Country

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THE BIG COUNTRY, Texas (KRBC) – The National Institute of Standards and Technology conducted over 60 training burns. The study showed having four fire fighters attacking the task would be 25% faster than three.

“Fires grow fast, they double in size every minute, it definitely matters,” said Aaron Maxwell, Potosi Fire Chief.

The size, definitely being an issue for rural and smaller fire departments.

“I’ve been out before when it was just me and one other guy,” said Kendon Draper, Eula Fire fighter.

Most of them work other jobs and volunteer to help out. 

“During the day, like me, I’m here six days a week, that makes it tough for me to respond during the day,” said Draper.

They use the community and technology to help them.

“Shows a list of whose responding, so we know how many people we have going, if we need to get mutual aid started faster, we kind of know some of that ahead of time,” said Maxwell.

That mutual aid, being one of their biggest asset.

“Being able to know there’s other resources you can call is a life saver,” said Maxwell.

All this work to protect the Big Country.

“I’ve been on more mutual aid in a month then actual calls just because this area is very strong at supporting each other and each others departments,” said Draper.

They say a way you can help out is make sure you have your address number displayed visible, especially if you live on roads with fast speed limits.

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