Santa’s Reindeer Gets in Minor Accident in Nolan County


The winter weather caused many wrecks in the Big Country on Thursday. One involved one of Santa’s helpers and his reindeer. Robert O’Neil and Dasher were on their way to Eunice, New Mexico from Burleson, Texas. They were booked for a private event with Incredible Events. Robert and Dasher got in a minor accident about 11 miles east of Sweetwater. Robert said he slid on a patch of ice and hit the wall of an overpass.

Sweetwater Fire Chief, Grant Madden said that he was prepared for the cold weather and many accidents, but he wasn’t prepared for what he saw when he responded to Robert O’Neil’s accident.

“I have Dasher from the North Pole,” O’Neil said. “Most people think they’re fake, believe it or not. But, they’re their own species.”

Robert works in the landscaping business, but this time of year, he has a special job.

“Yeah, I’m an elf,” he admitted. “Most people don’t believe that. They think they’re small. But, the small guys help with the toys and the big guys help with the reindeer.”

Robert says that taking care of reindeer can be difficult, but Santa’s reindeer are well behaved.

“Santa’s reindeer are nice and calm,” he said. “They like to hang out and get pet by the kids and enjoy their day.

Robert says that many of the officers that responded to his accident asked one question: “You mind if I get a picture? It’s not every day you see that!”

Dasher is safe. Robert said she was “shaken up,” but after she moved “around a little bit” and “ate some alfafa,” she was back to her normal self.

Now, Robert and Dasher plan to head home “get on the sleigh with the other deer, and get home to the North Pole,” so that Dasher can get back to doing what he loves, which is “spreading Christmas Cheer!”

If you’re wondering where the rest of Santa’s reindeer are, Robert said that they are in Houston visiting some children.

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