ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) – One-hundred degree day’s are typical across the lone-star state. But, this year could easily crack the top 10. John Nielson-Gammon, a Texas State Climatologist from Texas A&M University say’s “this is not quite been among the top ten hottest summer’s on record to date for West Central Texas, but if the forecast bear out, we will be cracking the top ten by the middle of next week.”

The reason well above average temperatures will continue to haunt the Big Country is from a strong upper level ridge, which is accompanied by warm and dry conditions at the surface. Area wide temperatures will be about 9-11 degrees above average.

A few reminders while enduring the West Central Texas heat is to stay hydrated, take plenty of rest breaks if you’re headed outdoors, take care of your pets and find a way to stay cool. 

Mayrya Zurata, a visitor of Red Bud Park say’s “if I feel like my children are getting dehydrated I immediately give them pedialyte or pedialyte popsicles.” She also mentioned that she only goes to the park early in the morning to avoid the hottest part of the day. 

Never leave a child or pet unattended in a car, no matter how briefly. The interior temperature can rise almost 20 degrees within 10 minutes.

Phil Herrera, the owner of Felix the Cat Pop the Lock, state’s “I usually don’t charge to unlock a car when it come’s down to a child. For instance I had one about a month ago and it just happened that I was at the store when the baby got locked in there.  I rushed from the store and opened the vehicle within a minute.”

Minimal rainfall, along with soil that doesn’t retain water is another problem during the summer. “The dry soil and the lack of transpiration from plants make’s the air heat up that much faster, ” said Nielson-Gammon. 

2011 was one of the hottest years on record for the City of Abilene. There were 81 day’s where temperatures got into the triple digits. That year also ranks in the top 5 for the most consecutive 100 degree day’s at 18 day’s straight.