SNYDER, Texas (KTAB) – There’s a joyful noise coming from the Scurry County Senior Center cafeteria, and it’s not the sound of lunch being served.

A group of volunteers have brought back the once popular kitchen band. Throughout the month of October, the band is practicing Halloween themed songs like “Monster Mash” and “Purple People Eater.

“My specialty is the strainer with the onion holder,” Ralphene Canon laughs. “And on occassion the holey grill pan.”

“Some people really have good musical talents,” Sandi Wells adds. “The rest of us just like to have fun and make a joyful noise.”

Wells says she loves to play percussion. Her specialty is the kitchen spoons and the bowls.

While the kitchen band is fun, it’s also a walk down memory lane.

“It’s incredible how when we hear a song it can carry us back in time,” Wells says. “It brings back a lot of the songs that we sang as children,” Canon adds. “That’s important to us as we age to work on that memory anyway. So, to do that in a musical setting makes it a little bit more fun.”

The band has also created friendships that will last a lifetime.

The band will have a Halloween themed concert on October at the Scurry County Senior Center