Select Eastland ISD staff will be armed to protect students in active shooter situations

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EASTLAND, Texas (KTAB) – At Eastland Independent School District some staff members are armed.  With the number of school shootings in the last year, schools are working to make sure they are prepared.

“You get asked that a lot in education, what do you feel about arming teachers? And I think the real question is how do you feel about protecting our children?” Eastland ISD Superintendent Jason Cochran said.

With school shootings like Parkland, Florida and even closer to home in Santa Fe, Texas school administrators are trying to find solutions.

“Protecting our children has become more at the forefront of every superintendent, teacher and educator’s plate and priority in their career,” Cochran said.

One solution Eastland ISD has come to is allowing select staff to be armed.

“We have been as a district that has decided to with the proper training make sure that there are people on the campus that are trained and able to protect should an event like that happen,” Cochran said.

The decision is controversial, but one Eastland High School parent believes they made the right choice.

“I think it’s great that the school is willing to send out that message. I do feel that it’s sad that they do have to send that message out to potential people that might harm students but I’m very proud of the school district,” Andy Escobedo said.

The specifics of who will be armed is a secret.

“The minute someone’s identified as being armed on campus they become a hard target,” Cochran said.

Cochran also wants to stress that those staff members carrying have gone through the proper training.

“One of the things our board took very seriously in considering that was making sure that we identify the right training to put those people through to make sure that they were willing and trained to be an asset should that situation ever occur,” Cochran said.

Parents hope this training will protect their children should an active shooter situation ever occur.

“I believe this is a good start and like I said I think it’s sad that we’re having to send this kind of message out  but I do think it’s a good start,” Escobedo said.

Eastland ISD also has a police officer at all three campus to protect students.

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