Self defense training in the Key City

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Aggravated Assaults. Sexual Assaults. They can happen to anyone. Male. Female. Child. Or Adult.

One of the victims from this week’s recent attacks told us, “I had my keys, about to unlock my door and I look up and he’s on me.”

It can happen in a parking lot or on a walk around the neighborhood, and it does not always occur during the pitch black of night.

“It’s beyond me how some one could just attack someone in broad daylight,” said one Abilene resident.

It is lightning fast and while some things are out of your control, there are ways to control their impact on you.

“When you’re distracted that’s what someone is looking for so they can snag you and move you quickly,” said Master Chip Townsend of Team Chip Tae Kwon Do. “So put your phones away, in your purse, in your pocket. Be focused on what you’re doing and paying attention to what’s around you.”

Self-awareness is key but like tornado warnings or any crisis situation making a plan and practicing
“what-if” scenarios are just as important.

Master Chip said, “Address them and look them in the eye and say hey it’s a beautiful day, say something to them to show them your confidence, that sometimes in of itself will deter someone. The next thing is if they’re within range, fight.”

Eyes, nose, throat, and groin are key areas to focus on but classes are available for more in-depth training.

The next FREE women’s self defense course in Abilene is Thursday, September 20, 2018 at Team Chip Tae Kwon Do located at 2218 S.14th Street. You can RSVP by calling (325) 676-2424 or email

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