Siblings donate their birthday presents to crisis center in Eastland

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EASTLAND, Texas (KRBC) – The Eastland County Crisis Center serves about 500 clients every year that are victims of sexual assault or domestic/family violence. Donations are a huge part of how they can operate because only one third of their cost is covered by state grants, the rest is donations.

“It is really valuable for us to have, wether it’s goods or monetary donations to be able to continue provide those services for victims,” said Gena Camacho, Community Investment Director, Eastland County Crisis Center.

Most of the time the donations come from companies, churches or civic group, but for the Dodrill kids birthdays this year they donated all their presents to the center.

“We are blessed and we want other people to be blessed too,” said Colton Dodrill, the 9 years-old brother.

“People didn’t have anything to buy some stuff so we would give it to them,” said Karsyn Dodrill, 8 years-old sister.

They are blessing those kids who are having a tough day having to talk about serious and touchy topics.

“They spend a lot of time finding that perfect one and I love it because you’ll see them just connect, this is the one that I want and so being able to add to that collection and give them choices is pretty great,” said Camacho.

This is the third year they have done this for local organizations.

“We started doing it a couple years ago when we saw people didn’t have stuff,” said Colton.

The other two years, they donated to the Cisco Orphan Kitten Rescue and Connie’s Critters Rescue in Ranger.

“Bring some dog food, cat food, cat toys, dog toys,” said Karsyn.
The siblings are hoping to spread love and kindness throughout the Big Country.

“Probably going to keep doing it forever,” said Colton.

The center said they are always in need of comfy clothes for the victims, cleaning supplies, toiletry items and diapers. for more information go to their website here.

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