Southside Lowe’s holds a school safety event tomorrow

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The Southside Lowe’s located on Ridgemont Dr. is teaming up with the Abilene Police Department and the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office for it’s first annual back to school safety event. The event is scheduled from 9:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M, where parents and children can come out and learn how to stay safe during the upcoming school year. The main focus will be safety measures regarding crosswalks, texting while driving, and school bus loading and unloading procedures. 

The event will also teach parents and students dangers that could arise while waiting at the bus stop. Dustin Taylor, a local parent state’s “we see it everyday when we take our kids to school. People are not paying attention, they are texting, looking at their phones, and not looking at the roadway.” 

Lowe’s has a plan of action, and that is to keep drivers off of their phone while driving. Slyvia Flores, the Assistant Manager of the Lowe’s hosting the event say’s “do not text and drive while operating a vehicle, and make sure that your children are aware of the danger of texting and drive. That’s something that I stress out about as a mother.” 

“I’m a parent, although all of my children have graduated. To this day, I stress to my children that it is important that you watch over kids,” say’s Flores. The upcoming event will benefit the City of Abilene, and both parents and children are urged to put back on their thinking caps.

Taylor say’s “this event is for all individuals, even those who do not have children. It’s always a good reminder to recognize the warning signs, and to see if there’s an issue.” Taylor also states if he could explain what this upcoming event is in one word, it would be to “slow down”. 

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