ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Few words were spoken from four of the five suspects involved in the August 2020 murder of 19-year-old Megan Kirkland, but one has decided to address the allegations.

Just 19 hours after her arrest, suspect Kimberly Renee Limas spoke from the Taylor County Jail.

Limas is one of three accused of tampering with evidence in the murder of Megan Kirkland, who was shot and killed at a party in Taylor County.

“I have many sleepless nights,” said Limas. “I was a bystander, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Limas says she was at the party the night Megan Kirkland was shot.

“I was standing, I watched her. I showed the officers many times of where I was standing and what I was doing,” said Limas.

A day prior to her jailhouse interview, Limas was in handcuffs, accused of trying to help cover up Kirkland’s murder.

According to court documents, Limas, George Girard Johnson Jr., Stephanie Alvalos, and Ramon Agurries Jr. were texting back and forth trying to get their story straight about the murder.

They were also working to come up with a way to burn the clothes Johnson Jr. was wearing the night of the shooting, court documents state.

Wenesday, one buy one, these four of the five suspects were taken to the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office, told of their charges and bonds and then taken to the Taylor County Jail.

Johnson Jr. was charged with the murder of Megan Kirkland.

“We’re not going to stop until we get done and put everyone who is responsible in jail for this,” said Taylor County Sheriff Ricky Bishop.

The four were arrested after an 8-month-long investigation that Bishop said took too long.

“For whatever reason, this generation of kids, they don’t want to talk to anybody. Social media is their best friend, they don’t want to help law enforcement,” said Bishop.

Only 15 out of hundreds stayed behind after shots were fired on the 2500 block of Fulwiler Road.

A witness says Johnson may have been pushed to the ground during the party, then got up and started firing, one of the shots killing Kirkland.

In the months after, Bishop says he and his team scoured the Big Country and beyond, searching for witnesses.

“We went to San Angelo, Ranger, Albany,” said Bishop. “Very few actually came up to give us that information to get justice for Megan.”

For those who did come forward, four arrests have been made and Bishop says more are expected.

George Girard Johnson Jr. is charged with the murder of Megan Kirkland and is being held at the Taylor County Jail on a $250,000 bond.

Johnson’s mother Stephanie Avalos, Kimberly Renee Limas, and Ramon Aguirres Jr. are all charged with tampering with evidence. Each of their bonds are set at $100,000

The Sheriff’s Office is still searching for Yahayra “Heidi” Guiterrez, who is also wanted for tampering with evidence.