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Sweetwater boy with autism gives adaptive bike to kids in need

SWEETWATER, Texas (KRBC) - Two years ago Conrad, a 7-year-old boy with autism, was told he would never ride a bike. But an adaptive bike has made the impossible possible.

"That allowed us to do therapy every day, several times a day and it also got him to socialize," said Pamela Nelson, Conrad's Mom.

The bike was just the first step in his journey, and he's now opening up thanks to two high school football players and their friendship.

"He talks way more, he is clear with his words and he's been open to people. Before, he didn't really like to be around people and now he is just open to everybody and everyone. We didn't even know it was going to change our lives we had no clue," said Tony Padilla and Markus Meneses, Sweetwater Football Players.

Now Conrad and his family are looking to return the gifts they've received, starting with an adaptive bike, which is going to a family out of Odessa with two special needs children, Camila and Mateo.

"It's a blessing. Camila had, we wanted to get her a bike but the insurance did not cover it, so we have a hard time with insurance even getting her a wheelchair, so it was a blessing we could get her the chair," said Celeste Ortiz, mom of Camila and Mateo. 

They are hoping to one day ride freely like Conrad. 

"Camila doesn't walk too much, she does 38 steps. I am hoping this will grow in her muscles and everything so she will be taking more steps and with Mateo, too. He can't ride a regular bike, so I am hoping this will help him," said Ortiz.

With the gift that keeps on giving.

"Camila also has like a gate trainer, which is a walker and we've donated it too. So it's all about paying it forward," said Ortiz.

They say they hope to continue to spread awareness so they plan to do something again on Easter.

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