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Sweetwater Middle School Raises Money for Beloved Janitor

Hundreds of Students and Faculty Honor Billy Ray Robinson

SWEETWATER, Texas(KRBC)- As Billy Ray Robinson walked into the Sweetwater Middle School gym, the entire crowd cheered.

Billy Ray Robinson was a head custodian at SMS for many, many years.  

Up until just this year, he happily came to work and enjoyed his interactions with students day in and day out.

"He was a hard working man and everybody loves him", said Jeff Withrow, the Principal.

He cares about all of the students so much that each six weeks, he would find two students from each grade level who had worked hard and improved, and although he didn't have the finances to support it on his small salary, he would give $5 to those 6 students as a reward for their effort and behavior.

According to Withrow, he did it without telling anyone and Robinson did it because he loves his students.

After he fell into bad health, and due to his need for dialysis three days a week, he is no longer able to work.

"His wife, who is also in bad health, is also not able to work, and they are struggling to pay all of the bills, but would never tell anyone that." Withrow told KRBC.

So in his honor, the students and staff decided to hold a "black light dodge ball tournament" to help raise money for the Robinsons.

According to Kit Womble of Sweetwater Middle School, the students banded together with staff to raise as much money for the Robinsons by having bake sales, school dances, any fundraiser possible to raise as much money as they can for Billy Ray.

The hundreds of dollars were given to the Robinson's at the gym and tears flooded his eyes.

"I just want you all to know that I love every single one of you and I will always have your back", said Bill Ray Robinson.



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