SWEETWATER, Texas (KTAB/KRBC)- Judy Covington of Sweetwater says she’s thankful to be alive after a 2 a.m. fire claimed her home of over 40 years Wednesday.

“If it hadn’t been for the police department, I would be dead today,” Covington says.

The fire began just one room away as Covington slept on the couch in her den, which is now crushed under rafters. She and her pets were the only inhabitants, and they all made it out safely, though her possessions are likely a total loss.

“All my family pictures, all my kids’ pictures, all my kids’ trophies, my mother’s stuff, she’s dead, a lot of stuff,” says Covington.

Her two adult sons rushed to her side when they got the call and are now mourning the loss of their childhood home.

“Childhood memories, everything we was raised on was right here. Now it’s nothing,” says her youngest, Thomas.

Though they say they are thankful for the quick action of Sweetwater Police, Dispatch, and Fire.

“The firefighter told me, he said, ‘Man, if it would have been another five minutes, you may not have nothing,'” Thomas says.

Investigation is still underway and Sweetwater chief of police Bryan Sheridan says the cause of the fire is still unknown, and he’s grateful that only property was lost.

“We here at the Sweetwater Police Department are extremely proud. Not only of those officers, but our dispatcher, too. And the fire department,” Sheridan says.

And though they are thankful their mother’s life was saved, Covington’s sons say her home was only months away from being insured.

“All she lacked was the other front part to get roofed and she would have been able to get it insured. We’re here for her no matter what. She’s our mom,” said her oldest, Bosco.

Covington says she will spend a few nights at a Sweetwater hotel courtesy of the Red Cross. She is arranging future lodging through one of her three jobs. Currently she says the greatest need is funds to secure a home for her land.