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Taylor County suspect no longer jailed for murder, charge never officially filed

TAYLOR COUNTY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - A suspect accused of killing a man at a Taylor County deer lease Friday afternoon is no longer in jail for murder, as the charge was never officially filed against him. 

Phillip Roberts Aldridge, 71, is now being held in the Taylor County Jail without bond for a Motion to Revoke Probation warrant on a DWI charge he pleaded guilty to in November of 2016.

Aldridge was initially arrested and charged with Murder in connection to the death of Tony Elkins, 60, but the charge was never officially filed with the District Attorney's Office, so Aldridge was released on the Murder charge and re-arrested for Motion to Revoke. 

The Taylor County District Attorney's Office told KTAB and KRBC they did this because Aldridge can be held without bond on the Motion to Revoke charge, giving them ample time to build a solid case for murder against Aldridge. 

Once enough evidence is gathered, Aldridge's case will be presented to a Grand Jury and they will decide if he should be charged with murder, according to the District Attorney's Office. 

The Motion to Revoke document accuses Aldridge of violating his probation in several ways, including killing Elkins by running him over intentionally, drinking alcohol, not complying with community service requirements, not having a breath analysis device on a vehicle he was operating, and more. 

Court documents state Aldridge, Elkins, and another man were drinking inside a hunting cabin at the Sander's Ranch in Ovalo before the murder occurred. 

The man drinking with Aldridge and Elkins told police the duo was "drunk" when they left the ranch around 2:30 p.m. in a truck with Aldridge driving and Elkins in the passenger seat, according to the documents. 

This witness then reported seeing the truck drive toward the road then back up and go back onto the property. Elkins' body was discovered by a hunter a little over an hour later. 

The documents state investigators were able to determine Elkins was "run over and drug on the ground", causing his death. 

Detectives then learned the official identity of Aldridge and went to his home in Coleman County to arrest him. The documents state blood spatter was found in several areas along the underside of Aldridge's truck when it was booked into evidence. 

A search warrant executed on the truck reveals several containers of alcohol, including cans of Natural Light Beer and partially consumed bottles of "Kentucky Deluxe", were recovered from the interior of the vehicle. Blood and fibers were recovered as evidence as well. 

BigCountryHomepage will continue to provide updates on this case as it continues through the court system. Check back for the latest information. 


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