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Taylor-Jones Humane Society in dire need of a new roof

"It was a mess up there," VP of the TJHS, Melissa O'Neill said.

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - With rain expected to stay in our forecast, it may sound nice for most of us, but it is something a local group is dreading.

The Taylor Jones Humane Society (TJHS) is in need of a completely new roof.

After a severe hail storm in 2014, the organization still has not had the proper repairs done. 

Now, new board members are paying the steep price.

"It was a mess up there," Vice President of the Taylor-Jones Humane Society, Melissa O'Neill said.

It has been a rough few months for the TJHS.

"We're spending more money on heating and cooling and fighting rodents that are living in the roof and all the things that need to be fixed because they're chewing on wires and all that money is taking away from the animals." O'Neill said.

After a hail storm that happened about 4 or 5 years ago, the roof was not fixed properly and has now left the organization in limbo on what to do.

There were holes and moisture getting in it, insulation had fallen down," O'Neill said.

The ripple effect does not stop there. It is also affecting the employees and the animals and is also halting expansion projects within the facility, like getting more kennels and its neuter program.

"We have a low cost spay and neuter program and we're limited to about 30 people we are allowed to help a month, but if we didn't have to spend as much money fixing things, we could help more people," O'Neill said.

With a bit of precipitation in the forecast, the staff is dreading what's to come.

"Any rain that comes, it starts to come through and then we get staining and the panels and we're going to have to replace some of those," O'Neill said.

"It's going to cost us about $18,000 and we are fully funded strictly by donations or grants," Martin Jensen said, who is the president of the organization.

Since they depend solely on local funds and not the city, they are hoping the community can come together to help.

"So we need to go ahead and get a new roof. We're looking at long-term being here and long-term for our pets and employees and people that are here to have a very safe and sound roof over them," Jensen said.

The humane society is holding a campaign to raise the necessary funds. Those who would like to help can donate online, using PayPal. To pay through PayPal, click here.

Another option is mailing checks or money orders to the Taylor-Jones Humane Society. Walk-in donations are also accepted at their address:

2301 N 3rd St
Abilene, Texas 79603

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