Taylor Jones Humane Society needs your help to continue making progress on new dog park

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It wasn’t long ago we told you about a new dog park going in across the street from the Taylor Jones Humane Society, in North Abilene. The land to the dog park belongs to the Taylor Jones Humane Society, however they have decided to share the park with the community upon completion.

The Taylor Jones Humane Society needs the communities help with services and labor cost to complete this project. Kimi Bruno, affiliated with Remax of Abilene, states “we are having trouble getting awnings donated. We need two twelve by twelve awning’s with concrete slabs put out here, one on each corner.”  Water fountains for dogs and their owners are some additional projects that need to be donated.

Jason Gray, from Gray’s Electric, has volunteered to wire the electric to provide ceiling fans within the awnings. While, the Walmart located off of State Highway 351, is finalizing a grant to install four poop stations worth about $200.00 a piece. Several other companies have donated their time and efforts to ensure that this park doesn’t cost the Taylor Jones Humane Society any money. 

Multiple fundraising events have been held to collect money for the dog park. The most recent event was a yoga session led by Kimberly Skiles, at the Swenson House in Abilene, TX. The event turned out to be a success, with nearly $700.00 being raised. Meanwhile, Petsmart has allowed Remax and the Taylor Jones Humane Society to set up and collect donations to help with additional expenses with the park. “When you’re shopping in Petsmart, if you see a table for us up there, please help us. The sooner we collect what we need for the dog park, the sooner we can put those funds towards the labor for the fence. The labor alone is about seven thousand dollars,” say’s Kimi. 

Donations can come in all types of ways. The first tree was purchased and donated by Paula Jones in remembrance of her dog Sunny who had recently passed away. 

Kimi states, “our ultimate goal, is November 1st, It’s a goal I would like to hold on to and I believe it will happen with the communities help.” 


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