Texas Cheerleaders Support Iraan Squad


When you think of a cheerleader you think of someone who whole heartedly supports their team. But in the face of tragedy, Texas cheerleaders are proving that they support anyone in need.

“It means supporting your team no matter what and it means whenever someone else is hurting you need to come in and love them and support them as well,” said AHS cheerleader Jaxon Shultz.

After a bus crash that killed Iraan’s cheer sponsor and injured seven other passengers, Abilene and Cooper High cheerleaders are coming together to support the Iraan squad.

“I realized their coach passed away, they have girls that are actually seriously hurt and so I started reaching out to surrounding cheerleaders like Anson, Jim Ned, Clyde… places like that to have them come and join us so we can cheer together to support these three little cheerleaders that are going to be down there,” said AHS cheerleader Katie Cadjew.

And cheer is what these lone star state squads are going to do.

“There are 50 cheer teams coming to the game Friday night,” said Cadjew.

Why are these girls reaching out to strangers that are also rivals on the field?

“It really hit home because it could happen to any of us at any time,” said CHS cheerleader Jenna Shultz.

And since squads from all over the state are coming to Abilene, the Abilene High squad is making sure their fellow cheerleaders are taken care of.

“We’ve reserved the round building at five for all the cheerleaders coming in from across the state of Texas to have a free meal before the game,” said Cadjew.

Being to cheer means to cheer on anyone in need.

“I’m so sad for that team and what they’re going through and my heart was just too heavy to not do anything about it and to not join in,” said Cadjew.


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